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Awaken Your Spine 

Improve your Backbends and Twists

Date: Saturday 28th April

Time: 2pm - 4.30pm

Venue: Triyoga Ealing



How to Create a Juicy AND Fluid Spine

The spine is the home of the Chakra points of the energy body and is the “backbone” or support of our life’s activities.  It is integral to our happiness and enjoyment of life to maintain a healthy, fluid spine.


The Spine moves in five main ways:


  • Flexion, curves the spine forward

  • Extension, curves the spine back

  • Rotation, twists the spine

  • Lateral flexion, side bending

  • Axial extension, vertically elongates


When we move the spine in all directions, we break down rigidity and promote fluidity, which in turn creates a strong and ache-free back.  We also learn to soften areas of unconscious “holding” along the spine to allow it’s flexible but strong nature to exist.  It can greatly improve our experience of life to live with an ache-free back.

The core is an integral part of building support for the stability of the spine’s range of motion. Natasha will share her deep-working core exercises to support the lower spine and build the inner strength and the Bandha awareness needed to improve your Yoga practice, especially inversions.

After intelligently opening the body, we will have the opportunity to play with more advanced postures and then end with a deep relaxation. 

You will learn:

- Specific, targeted IT-band, shoulder and psoas release exercises that will allow you to move into deeper backbends with binds without compromising the lower spine.
- Core exercises to build awareness of engagement of the abdomen and a cinch of the waist to avoid a ‘hinge’ at one segment of your spine but instead spread the extension throughout the length of your spine.
- Slow and delicious Flow Yoga and a sprinkling of core exercises followed by a healing relaxation session

To book your space on this workshop, call Triyoga Ealing on 
020 3362 0688 or click HERE!
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