What Lights You Up? Take a Leap of Faith...

February 21, 2013

Finding the thing that lights you up is easy… it is the first word or image that pops into your mind when I ask “what do you love?”.


It could be your homelife, partner or children, your Yoga practice, your writing, your art, your own business, your music, your running, your cooking, your surf board, quality moments with your close friends… all of the above and more.


Now think about the things that dim or put out this very light. You’ll know when I ask, “what can you not help but do even though you know it does not serve your overall happiness?” Those tendencies or habits that create dark shadows in your being. That make you feel down or disconnected. Those activities that you KNOW are destructive and yet you do them anyway. They most certainly do not light you up.


We all do them, we all forget to “self-care” at times in our lives. And when you do these very things… be it drinking too much and sleeping too little, working in a job that dissatisfies you, staying in a relationship that you know has run it’s natural course, or not speaking your mind but instead creating a disconnect between your thoughts and your words… notice how your health suffers. The body is a mirror for the mind and the emotions.


In order to feed our energy levels or “prana” we must find the activities that LIGHT US UP and do them more frequently than the things that do not serve us.


"Don’t ask yourself what the world needs; ask yourself what makes you come alive. And then go and do that. Because what the world needs is people who have come alive." – Harold Whitman


To do this takes a leap of faith and stepping out of your comfort zone. Habit and routine create a certain level of comfort but sadly there is no room for growth within the zone of comfort.


I experienced just this predicament when making the move from working for companies into self-employment. It’s scary and ultimately, at first, seems like an impossible circus act… rather like being on a Corporate Circus Away Day and a limber circus performer asking you to jump from one trapeze to the next when you have no previous experience of this! "You want me to do WHAT?"


There’s a moment in your life where you must launch into the unknown and swing forward on your ‘trapeze bar’ of life to grab hold of the next swinging bar… and in order to move forward you must let go of the bar you are holding onto (and fly through the air unsupported for a split second) to catch hold of the next bar in front.


This takes a leap of faith.


Have you ever noticed when you have a strong belief that you WILL succeed and tap into that limitless energy within by clearing your mind… you do succeed! It reminds me of watching penalties on a tense football game and as you watch the players walk up to the ball you just KNOW if they will succeed. You can tell if they have tapped into that “zone” of the present moment and cleared their mind or if they are not completely focused.


Find the focus…


Personally, when I do the things that dampen my fire and dim my light within, I can tell I am no longer completely focused and present… do you find that?


So why not get rid of the dusty cobwebs inside, get rid of the things that hold us back and create disconnect in our lives… And do the things that light us up.


Think of the best possible scenario and make it an intentional reality.






Find the focus today by trying a Yoga class with me at one of your local studios.  Like my Facebook Page for more details.

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