How strong is your magnetic field?

May 13, 2014

It was so great to be back at Triyoga last weekend with my Yoga Sleep Method workshop of just under 40 sleepy heads catching some sweet Zzzz’s of awareness and wisdom.

Such wonderful energy and just so great to see my students transform and get happily blissed out.

I am feeling super inspired today.

I was watching this video about The Planets… which I find incredibly intriguing… I often go into a daydream and ponder about the universe and our existence… do you?

And I just had to share this link with you >>>

It’s a short video on Venus and Earth.

How incredible is Earth’s protective atmosphere? 

In this video at 1 min 40 we see the action of protective magnetic field around our planet and the effect of a Geomagnetic Storm.

Now, I am a firm believer of what happens on a small scale is mirrored on a large scale and vica versa.  If you go down to a cellular level…

“the cell membrane (also known as the plasma membrane or cytoplasmic membrane) is a biological membrane that separates the interior of all cells from the outside environment.  The cell membrane is selectively permeable and able to regulate what enters and exits the cell”

So if tiny cells have a protective field and our planet has a protective field… then… could it be that we as humans also have our own protective field?  Oh yes!

Whether it’s your health, your aura, your emotional balance or your immune system that you like to focus on to call your protective field, we all have one!

And in times of challenge… when we get hit by our own mini geomagnetic storms, the strength of our protective field determines whether we get hurt and fall down or whether we remain standing. 

It’s okay to fall down and get back up again sometimes… it’s a humbling process that gives us great insight… 

But falling over and over gets tiresome when we can easily just choose to do activities that strengthen our personal protective field in the first place.

I’m not talking about becoming so cold and hard that we are no longer affected by anything… No.

It’s the cultivation of subtle strength, a soft power and a strong vulnerability… that allows us to succeed in this thing we call Life and if this is an elusive idea we can always look to nature for guidance… nature gets it right!

For example: The Earth’s protective field let’s things in too… the suns rays… so that life may flourish in the Light.

So taking a leaf out of Planet Earth’s metaphorical book… that which has cultivated the most Life on Earth… is the process of absorbing and letting in Light… AND building a strong protective layer for all that is harmful.

Easy for us to do on a human level too hey?

Well from previous experience and from talking to my students, this practice is not easy at all!  

We are so often drawn to activities that dim our light and weaken our defences… going to bed late, indulging in the wrong food, worrying, judging ourselves and others, holding back from getting out there and really living life.  

It’s all too easy to do. 

Another wonderfully inspiring and interesting thing that this short Venus vs Earth video shows… is… that Movement is the key to Life on Earth.  

Crazy hey!

It’s literally the speed at which we are all spinning that has created a greater electromagnetic field around us than Venus and it protects our planet and creates life.

If you haven’t watched the video yet then do, otherwise you’ll think I’m just crackers hehe >>>

But how is this relevant to our lives?

Well, if you feel as though you are like poor old Planet Venus… and stuck… moving veeeerry slowly in orbit…

Feeling as though you are no longer moving forward in your life…

Then this will have a negative effect on your protective field… diminishing your defences… your immune system, your morale and your health will be affected.

Now although I prescribe Meditation and Stillness to my students who are achieving lots, doing lots, running around and never sit still… 

On the flip side, I believe that Movement and Flow is what is needed for my students who feel stuck.

Doing the thing that is the most challenging to us is what we really need!  Be that sitting still OR moving to our mat in the first place!

So if you find it hard to motivate yourself into action then I prescribe Vinyasa Yoga…

My weekly Vinyasa classes at Triyoga Chelsea focus on finding the fluidity within the practice, in order to break down resistance in the body and mind.

After all.  When we break down resistance and become more flexible, in mind and in the body, the Light can more easily flood into our field of energy, awakening our zest for life again.

AND when we evoke more movement and flow, we strengthen our magnetic field or Aura, thus strengthening our immune system and our protective shroud.


Come surrender to the flow…


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Love and light to you,



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