Five Amazing Benefits of Yoga Nidra (Yoga Sleep)

October 19, 2014


Over the past few years, I have studied and practiced Swami Satyananda's style of Yoga Nidra, which includes effective and proven techniques for physical, mental and emotional relaxation and exploration of the subconscious mind.

… and I am excited to introduce them to you in my Yoga Sleep Method.

The Yoga Sleep Method is an amalgamation of techniques, tools and cues I learned through my time in India and after.  It combines the simple mind-exercises of Yoga Nidra with creative visualisations.  

Yoga Nidra with a modern-day twist.

To read more about The Yoga Sleep Method click here:!what-is-the-yoga-sleep-method/c1wrx

The practice of Yoga Nidra is profound.  

It restores health in such an easy and deep way.
And anyone can do it!


Here's 5 amazing effects of Yoga Nidra:


One hour of Yoga Sleep is as effective as FOUR hours of normal sleep.


In the state of Yoga Sleep (waking sleep), the energy that we use up thinking, worrying, planning... is no longer "leaked".  
In this way, Yoga Nidra allows the body to focus on rejuvenating it's overtaxed tissues, glands, organs and muscles.

Yoga Sleep (Yoga Nidra) creates inner harmony by stimulating the parts of the brain responsible for maintaining balance between your internal and external environments.  

Yoga Nidra helps to maintain your homeostatic balance.  It even evolves it! … by bringing your awareness to normally involuntary and unconscious functions in your body.


You are awake and also asleep in the practice of Yoga Sleep!

Your body feels like it falls asleep but the aim is to keep the mind aware and awake!

"Yoga Nidra has been termed as "sleepless sleep" because we learn to enter the state between sleep and wakefulness without loss of awareness"

~ Swami Satyananda

AND FIVE - the most interesting!

Your brain waves slow down from the Beta to Alpha to Theta wave states… and sometimes all the way down to Delta… at which point you may start snoring like me!  Haha!  And be aware of the sound at the same time!  It's so crazy when that happens!


Yoga Nidra aims to take your mind through each and every brainwave pattern that would occur in a healthy night's sleep.

Each brain wave state is as important as the next!

But often in this day and age we miss out the middle two Alpha and Theta and go from Beta straight to Delta.  

However, the more you practice Yoga Sleep, the easier it will be for you to stay in Alpha and Theta wave states!  These are the juicy, wisdom-filled and nourishing mind states!

Now if you are like… "Huh?  Brain waves?"  Here's a little recap...

The brainwave states:

Awake - Conscious Mind - Beta - Fast brain waves!  Stressed, busy mind and an excited/exhausted feeling inside.


Relaxation - Superconscious Mind - Alpha - Slow brain waves! Healing can begin.  Rejuvenating every cell from the effects of your busy day and any toxins.  Your nervous system relaxes and you tap into the para-sympathetic nervous system to "Rest and Digest".


Dreaming Sleep - Subconscious Mind - Theta - Super slow brain waves… lost of awareness of the physical body!  Cosmic consciousness can enter your awareness bringing with it wisdom, insight and the deep release of emotional tension.


Deep Sleep - Unconscious Mind - Delta - oops totally gone! No one's home anymore. ;-)

We will look to explore all the wondrous states of your mind at the next Yoga Sleep workshop!  Click here for details of upcoming workshops.

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