The Only Question

May 1, 2015


On Monday I taught a highly energetic class of teachers and Yogis at Triyoga Soho and I felt so present and plugged in.


When I arrived home, I had lyrics to a rap or a poem flowing through my mind and I knew I was in a creative space and just had to write down my thoughts as they arose.  This is what unfolded and spilled onto the page like water, without me thinking twice about it. . . 



The Only Question


The only question in life is “To open one’s heart or not?”


But in a world of disconnected souls, it’s hard to loosen the knot


Around one’s heart that keeps it strong and protected


Fearing that somewhere along the way it will be rejected.


Year upon year we have become so good


At building an armour so strong it could


Keep feelings of pain, of anger, of grief at bay


To avoid those who may betray


Our trust, our love, our kindness


But now we ask “why are we in this mess?”


As a nation of intelligent souls who understand the importance


Of Love in this one fleeting life’s dance


Why are we not taking every opportunity?


To open to one-another and just see


Where it may lead us, perhaps far away


From this chaos we see today.


For when we suppress one sensation we numb


ALL and can only be described as “dumb”


If we hope to attain a higher state


Without first facing this great debate


That plays out between heart and mind.


One wants to open, the other not so kind


to strangers, to those in their shadow, perhaps a ‘difficult’ being


But if we are to attain this Union, we must first ‘be seeing’


The lesson that exists in the crossing of paths


With our greatest teacher; the one not allowed in our hearts.


For what is it about this person that reminds


Us of something we would rather leave behind.


In finding out and embracing our shadowy parts


Are we then able to find enough space in our hearts


To extend the flow of love to every corner of the universe


As though the quantity of our Love would never disperse


Or fade away, or diminish, or lessen


And, in doing so, we learn life’s lesson


That our hearts are our epicenter and should be plugged


Into every other heart that we hug,


Until a web of connection is formed in the formless


World and we allow the information


To flow between us without trepidation.


For each and every heart just wants to connect


To plug into the web of respect


For one another that I know we can feel


If we look inside, address our shadow self and heal.


The great chasm of ‘disconnect’ between the pull of the heart


And the action we take, is a great place to start.


To open one’s heart is the only solution


And this, my friend, will be the REVOLUTION.




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