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Yoga Sleep Method Ambassadors

Are you a fellow Yoga Teacher, Alternative Practitioner, Therapist or in the field of "helping people"?


I often get asked by those who have used The Yoga Sleep Method and felt it's benefits first-hand...


"Can I feature The Yoga Sleep Method on my website?"


The answer is "yes please" and I am so thankful of your requests that I would like to give back and say thank you by offering you 50% of all the sales that come through your own website link to the YSM.


Together, we can help spread the word of the wonderful technique of Yoga Nidra and it's profound effect on bodies, minds and experiences across the world.


Not enough people know about it... Yet!


You may already be telling people about it, so this is just a little thank you. 



(Drag this image to your desktop or right click and save)

Register by using the link to the left and create your account in order to receive payments. Do go ahead and "copy & paste" photos and text from here and from The Yoga Sleep Method Facebook Page.




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