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“If you ask what is the single most important key to longevity, I would have to say it is avoiding worry, stress and tension.”


~ The late comedian George Burns, who lived to 100 

Corporate sessions are a great way to introduce your team to Yoga.  


Perhaps you are keen to set up regular Corporate Yoga sessions to invite your clients to?  


Maybe you are holding a one-off Wellness event at work and would like to offer a staff Yoga class?

We are here to bring Yoga easily and seamlessly to your work place.

Reduce the risks and symptoms of corporate stress and burnout
Learn tools to feel calm and in control at work
Improve your focus and your ability to retain information

Researchers have found that highly stressed people have a much higher risk of developing health conditions such as cardiovascular disease, diabetes, cancer, obesity, musculoskeletal aches and pain, depression, anxiety, and fatigue.


From my previous experience with adrenal fatigue, I understand the tendency to work so hard that you 'Burnout'.


I learned that I was responsible for my own health, for saying no and for choosing activities that create longevity in my career.

And so I found Yoga and it created amazing change within the nervous system that helped me with stress-management.


I highly recommend introducing Yoga into your working day to decrease back ache from sitting, headaches and that fuzzy-headed feeling of overwhelm.


With a regular Yoga practice, you can learn to switch off and get much needed space from your work schedule so you step back into your personal power and your health at work.

Yoga has a wealth of benefits but you need to try it to believe it!


Yoga can instantly help you with feelings of stress and areas of physical tension.


Step away from feeling like you are running in a never-ending hamster wheel.


Yoga creates space in the mind and a sense of clarity which brings a greater sense of control over your schedule and work load.

Step into your power, stay cool and collected in highly busy periods with my breathing techniques, Yoga postures and mind exercises in the practice of Yoga Sleep.


Develop the ability to shine in the work place.

Get back in the driving seat of your life and your success


Natasha privately teaches celebrated corporations, Chairmen and CEO's in the City.


She also has a team of trusted and highly qualified teachers who will be able to be matched to your budget.

If you are in HR and would like to receive further information and book your first corporate session, contact us below!

Want to start corporate Yoga classes?

Thanks! Message sent.

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