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A deeply relaxing Yoga experience with Natasha Kerry

Join Natasha for a two-hour in-depth look into the cultivation of Stillness Within through the practices
of Yin Yoga and Yoga Nidra in Natasha's popular Yoga Sleep Method.
Yoga at Home

WHEN: Tuesday 10th November

TIME: 6pm - 8pm British Summer Time

PLACE: Your Home


In this two hour workshop, Natasha will guide you through an experience that will allow you to become more in touch with deep Stillness.  As we dive into ancient wisdom teachings from Taoism, Buddhism and Tantrism, Natasha will cultivate a space in which you can deeply let go and relax.


With the powerful medium of her voice, Natasha will guide you energetically from afar and take you through a journey of deep relaxation with culminates in the transformative practice of Yoga Nidra.


The Yoga Sleep Method Workshop: 75 mins of deeply relaxing Yin Yoga + 45 mins of heavenly Yoga Nidra.

This workshop will be delivered live online.

We will explore what it means to become effortless in Stillness and why Stillness and reconnection to the nature within is so important in these times.


The Yogis had the deepest knowing that the state of our mind and our emotions affect our inner energies which in turn affect the health of our inner organs.  Everything is connected.


This is why Yoga is so powerful, we can alter the mind and therefore the experience we are having in life for the better and in doing so support our immune system function.


This workshop is part of Natasha’s Yoga Sleep Method series and will include teachings from her popular Yoga Sleep Method practices including her style of Yoga Nidra.


Natasha will aid your journey into sweet surrender as she transmits the energy of relaxation through the use of her voice and her wisdom teachings.


You will learn the best Yin Yoga postures to gain a greater range of motion, to support your joint heath and to promote better rest and deep sleep.


Yin is a profound practice that positively affects the connective tissue system and the fascia over time to  diminish aches and pains as well as create a range of motion that allows you to deepen your practice of physical Yoga positions.


Most importantly, the effect of Yin Yoga on the mind is profound as it is like Meditation.  It seeks to bring a stability to the fluctuations of the mind.


Natasha will share tools and techniques to support your ability to relax and to ‘switch off'.


By practicing Yin, Natasha has greatly improved her physical health AND mental peace and she is excited to share the juiciest techniques and passive long-held postures to unravel tension in the shoulders, hips, hamstrings and along the spine.  Each position enlivens certain meridian line C’hi (energy) and supports your inner systems and organ health.  Natasha will guide you through each element and meridian line we target within each pose.

This workshop has been a sell-out live event in Yoga studios for the past 7 years.  But for the first time, Natasha taught this workshop privately online with great success and as a result of the positive feedback has decided to offer it publicly online for all with a keen interest to join.  New practitioners very welcome.  Now is your chance to experience the wonders of The Yoga Sleep Method.

You will explore:


  • The full range of Yin Yoga postures to open the Spine, Shoulders, Hips and Legs.

  • The basis of Traditional Chinese Medicine and Meridian Line theory

  • Pranayama, Asana, Mudra and Visualisation

  • A complete Yin Yoga sequence for deep relaxation

  • We will dive into Yogic philosophy, Buddhist principles and Taoism 

  • The effect of Yin Yoga on the nervous system and the brain from a scientific perspective

  • How Yoga can cultivate self-care and self-acceptance

  • The powerful practice of Natasha's Yoga Sleep Method

Prepare to be taken on a journey of deep relaxation and float away in the comfort of your own home. 


Upon booking, a Zoom link will be sent to you which you will use to access the private conference call with the other workshop attendees; it is optional but recommended to keep your webcam on to gain the full benefit of Natasha's teachings.

We also welcome a quick hello mentioning that you booked a place, please send an email to and we will make sure you are on the attendee list.

If you choose to purchase the audio relaxation you will receive the 'Effortless Stillness' audio relaxation from The Yoga Sleep Method - a unique full-length recording of Yoga Nidra to support all you learn in this workshop.  The audio will allow you to continue your practice of Yoga Nidra and to maintain your Yoga Sleep Method practice at home in order to access the magic of your Stillness Within workshop experience whenever you need to.

WHEN: Tuesday 10th November

TIME: 6pm - 8pm British Summer Time

PLACE: Your Home (via Zoom)


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