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The Yoga Sleep Method is based upon the ancient tantric practice of Yoga Nidra, which translates as "yogic sleep".


My mission is to make deep relaxation, profound realisation and yogic sleep accessible to all through the use of simple mental exercises to relax the body and the mind and visualisations to evoke information stored in the subconscious mind.


The wisdom and knowledge of the subconscious mind can be available to you through a daily practice of Yoga Sleep.


The good news is that anyone can practice The Yoga Sleep Method - all you need is your body and a place to lie down.


It can be used during the day to refocus, reconnect and relax... this is highly recommended and the practice of Yoga Nidra was used as a day time practice by Swami Satyananda and I am a big fan of his style of Yoga Nidra.


During the day time you are more likely to stay in a state of "waking-sleep" to receive the full benefits of Yoga Nidra and get to know your subconscious mind in a way that you may never have before.


BUT... through my experiences of living and working in a busy city, where every hour of your day seems to be taken, the first time you lie down and even consider relaxation is at bed time!


For this reason I encourage you to put on The YSM and utilise that half an hour where you are drifting off to sleep in the best possible way for your health!


It is especially effective if your mind is very active in bed at night and can even be used to help you drift into a rewarding sleep almost immediately.


Before I studied Yoga Nidra in India, I used to feel so awake in bed and found it hard to switch my mind off.  My mind was full of worry.  I started to practice Yoga Nidra before sleeping as a way to relax and found it to be so effective at inducing a refreshing sleep and a deep sense of wellbeing, that I now do it every night.


When I awaken the next day, I enjoy feeling more focussed, rested and revived.  My mind is clear and ready for the day.


As your Yoga Sleep practice progresses, you will become more aware of your dreams and insights from your subconscious mind.


My dreams are very vivid and sometimes lucid and give me great insight into my state of mind and my next step in life.


By consciously relaxing every part of your body, one hour of Yoga Sleep or "Yoga Nidra" is four times as restorative as one hour of normal sleep.


The body's natural healing ability is most effective in the conscious sleep state brought about by Yoga Nidra.  The key to unlocking wellbeing, better sleep and exploring the subconscious mind is at your fingertips.


Experience it for yourself in one of the following ways:


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