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Guidance for newly qualified yoga teachers...

The Yoga mat is our mirror for life.  How we show up to the Yoga mat is how we show up in life.


The subtle and unique nuances of our individual personality traits and how we view the world and function within the world are slowly revealed to us.  The more we deepen our Yoga practice, the more we deepen our understanding of our Self and our relationship to the physical, mental and energetic experience of BEING.

This process is amplified and deepened when we make the decision to step into the role of Yoga Teacher and teach others.

The focus is then a movement from understanding our BEING and towards understanding our BEING in relationship to others.

Yoga teaching is a process of LEARNING for the Teacher and accelerates all of the teachings in many ways.  The more we understand that we are still learning whilst in the process of teaching, the more will be revealed to us.


By seeing your Yoga Teaching journey as a way to understand yourself better, you can move through the tricky and challenging parts of a Yoga career with higher awareness and operate in receptivity, instead of Ego.

It is a journey, a rollercoaster, unlike any other.  


It is like holding up a mirror to how you respond and relate to others.  To your relationship to Ego and your relationship to making enough money to first survive and then to THRIVE.

In teaching, we learn deeply about our capacity for love, forgiveness, kindness and compassion.  Our capacity for non-judgement.  But we only learn by being triggered, challenged and tripping up.


Being judgemental of ourself, losing faith in our qualities or even the practices that we have chosen to dedicate ourselves to, these are needed steps in the journey of an artist, a creator, a ceremony leader and Yoga teacher.  The words of inspiring Gurus and Teachers will be the only thing that keeps us inspired and on the path of sharing Yoga authentically and uniquely.  This is why it is vital to stay connected to individuals that LIGHT YOU UP.

The journey of a newly qualified teacher is a lonely adventure, this is why it is super important to stay connected to a support network of other teachers and grow together.

And if we let them, everyone we meet and teach and inspire along the path can become OUR Teacher.

As a newly qualified teacher in 2010, I remember feeling so lost and confused about the next step in my journey.  Embarking upon teaching for the first time can be a daunting task, where to even begin?


Then for the first five years of teaching, I remember being in a weird juxtaposition of feeling pushed and challenged to my physical and mental limits with the long hours and hard work.  As well as battling my own Ego mind; "Should I be better... bigger... more Yogi in some way?" 


Honouring where you are in your journey is the best thing you can do.  Your offering as a teacher will evolve over time as you grow as a person.  


At the same time as genuinely wanting to deliver the best possible Yoga experience, to effectively convey your love and passion for Yoga and it's rich and transformative teachings, you must also honour where you currently are!  And be honest with yourself and your students about who and where you are.  They will love you for your honesty.


We can only take our students as far as we have come.  So stick to your practice, maintain consistency. "And all is coming."


It can be a very confusing time to grow as a Yogi and grow a successful business all at the same time.


But the seeds you plant in the beginning of your journey begin to grow after five or so years, so it is imperative that you begin to sow them at the beginning; make connections and build a support network.

It was only after attending advanced intensives, mentoring sessions and teacher retreats that, for me, deeper lessons were learned and I became a more receptive and better teacher.  I could fully SERVE.

A Yogi in Meditation learns deeply about the many states of awareness in the mind but it is not until a Yogi steps off the mat and into the world and begins to spread the message of Yoga, that much deeper lessons can be learned.

So stay the student, keep connecting to your Yoga.

We are Teacher and Student all rolled into one.

Your job now is to STAY inspired, to keep reconnecting to what brought you to Yoga in the first place. 

Advanced intensives and Yoga Mentoring is key.


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