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Want to practice simple Yoga postures and guided meditations at home?  


Let me guide you through my new online series Seven Steps To Better Sleep on the platform Grokker Inc!


Seven high-quality instructional videos in Yin Yoga, Pranayama, Yoga Nidra and Sleep Stories to listen to as you drift off.

Learn how to effectively shift your nervous system before bed and create deep sleep.


I worked with Grokker to produce "Seven Steps to Better Sleep" and my video series includes. . .

Two full length Yoga classes

Stretches to Sleep Better - Beginner friendly

Gentle Stretches For Bedtime - beginner friendly


Two Breathing classes

Deep Breathing Exercise

Breathing exercise for Sleep

Guided Meditations and a Sleep Story

Body Relaxation Exercise

Deep Sleep Story

Calm Mind For Sleep


*When you click on the Grokker button above you will be taken to Grokker Inc membership site where you can sign up for a free trial to cancel anytime.  All of the above videos and meditations will be there for you in the Lifestyle area to watch today.  


See you inside Grokker!

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