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My intention is to honour all that Yoga has brought me by sharing with you the practices that have allowed me to reconnect to vitality, presence and positivity.

Through Yoga my body is stronger, more flexible and ache-free.

My mind is happier and more at peace.

My outlook on life has shifted entirely.

Through Yoga I have seen immense shifts in the way I view myself, the way I approach life’s challenges and the way I handle stress.

Yoga has given me tools to positively affect my nervous system, which, I believe, holds the key to wellbeing and happiness.

Yoga has given me the ability to slow down and just be.

Yoga allows us recognise that we are whole as we are and that NOW is where we are meant to.  To let go of our stored yesterdays and imagined tomorrows.  To be here in the present moment.  Today.  Instead of always wishing to be in ‘a future place where I am happy’.

It doesn’t exist, the only moment is Now.

And Yoga gives us tools to enjoy the now and find peace with all that we store, process and think about daily.

In many ways, Yoga connects us to the abundance that exists in every moment and moves us away from fear and judgement to a place of acceptance and love.

Yoga will change you… are you ready for the transformation?

Where it all began. . .

"I was introduced to Yoga for the first time as a child, but did not fully understand it's depths.  


My mother, a homeopathic practitioner and Yogi, was the one who made me aware of Yoga.  My parents weren't like my other friends' parents.  I was brought up on organic, nutritious and home-grown vegetarian whole foods.  At the time, I couldn't understand why my parents weren't feeding me jam sandwiches and chocolate bars.  It just wasn't fair I thought.


I did not grow to appreciate or recognise their forward-thinking and great taste in living food and alternative practices until much later in my life.


As school went on, I forgot about Yoga in favour of theatre and acting pursuits in my free time and my Yoga books sat unused on my shelf.  However, after rebelling and disregarding my health for a few years, I would soon come back to my roots.


Upon leaving Warwick University, I worked for some time in the corporate world.  It felt like the "right" thing to do, but I was left with a feeling of wanting more.  I felt sluggish, unmotivated, tense and slightly depressed.  I wasn't on the right career path and it was so evident.  Deep down, I longed to be in a creative job, one that suited my personality and my spirituality.


My mother suggested that I find a local Yoga class and reconnect to the practice of Yoga to calm and clear my mind of worry.


Upon starting a weekly practice of Yoga, I immediately fell in love with the feeling of clarity in the mind, a strong sense of wellbeing and of being present in my own body after each class.  I looked forward to my weekly Yoga class so much that I decided to do Yoga more frequently. 


After a daily practice of Yoga for a month, my body felt the strongest and healthiest it had ever felt and the worries, fears and negative thought patterns had disappeared, replaced with a strength of character and a feeling of being able to achieve anything. ​


I felt the need to reevaluate my career path and undertook my initial 250 hours of teacher training in India at the Yoga Vidya Gurukul ashram.  I was completely immersed in the yogic way of life and Satyananda-influenced Yoga and Yoga Nidra taught by Rishis initiated by The Bihar School of Yoga."



Following India...

"Back in London, I completed a further 200 hours of training in Baptiste Vinyasa Power Yoga and many many hours of intensive courses with Bo Forbes, John Scott, Sianna Sherman, Tiffany Cruikshank, Seane Corn, Sarah Powers, Elena Brower and Meghan Currie.


Training in London was an incredible experience as it showed me how to integrate Yoga, and all I had learned in India, into my urban city life.


In 2012, I was hand-picked from a group of established teachers to join the first Triyoga Hot Yoga teacher training course and for years I was a member of the core teaching group of Triyoga's Hot Yoga teachers.

I am now super happy to focus on teaching my true love of slow and deep-working Vinyasa Yoga, Yin Yoga and Yoga Nidra and share these methodologies at day workshops, retreats and festivals.

My Yoga trainings have changed the way I view life completely and what I learned was more than just physical postures.  It is a system of letting go of all limiting beliefs, unhealthy attachments, insecurities, expectations of myself and others.  Yoga is a life long journey of self-discovery.


That summer in India, I woke up.  


I started to live in the present, to see the beauty in the seemingly mundane, to breathe deeply, to connect to myself and to others in a way I never had before.  


To stand up for what I believe in and find the confidence to turn my dreams into a reality.


I teach Yoga full-time in the U.K, internationally and online.  I teach in private sessions in homes around Central and West London, Ealing and corporate workplaces!


I run frequent Yoga workshops in studios across London and abroad and online!


I am also, mostly recently, offering private one-to-one sessions in Stratford Upon Avon.


I teach intuitively and strongly believe in adapting to the needs of each individual or class.  Every class is different and created by people who show up.


By fully 'showing up' for my students and tapping into a state of presence myself, I hope to spark a light of awareness in others, thus making it easier for my students to "drop in" to their bodies and create their own receptive practice.


My Yoga seeks to remind you that nothing 'external' needs to be added to you in order to to make you "whole"... that you are whole already!


And sometimes we just need a little guidance to drop everything that we are storing, to clear the mind and to reconnect to that wholeness and peace within.

Yoga is a state of being and can be accessed by anyone and everyone!


Healthy and safe alignment is my focus without being too obsessed by the external.  Instead, I invite my students to feel their way through their practice and create their own rhythm and flow, according to what their body needs at any given moment.

I wish to heighten my students awareness of their bodies, the feeling of presence in the mind and leave them feeling grounded but energetically plugged-in.

The two things I am most passionate about in life are Yoga and Sleep!  So I have combined the two to create The Yoga Sleep Method... join me for a workshop soon!


I have worked with various apps to create their Yoga content and video and audio series in Yoga, Meditation and my Sleep Method.


Read more about my Yoga Sleep Method and practice at home today by clicking the link below..."

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