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Are you running on empty?  Are you unable to recharge with quality rest and sleep?  Do you feel tired all day yet wired the moment you get into bed?

In Rest & Recovery, Grokker sleep expert Natasha Kerry will show you how to get into a state of rest and relaxation so you can fall asleep more easily and sleep deeply at night.  You'll learn techniques for a deeper and more nourishing sleep, and gain an understanding of the science of sleep and how it impacts your mental and physical wellbeing.

For better sleep, starting tonight...

  • Click the link below to sign up to a two-week free trial

  • Enjoy the NEW sleep series and check out Natasha's first two series on better sleep 

  • Benefit from trying out the sleep postures and listening to the sleep audios this evening to create deep and nourishing sleep!

  • Easy cancel anytime within the two weeks to be charged nothing or remain on Grokker and enjoy the new content each month. 

It's time to reform your quality of sleep!

My latest series is entitled "Rest & Recovery - Overcoming Burnout Through Better Sleep" and I am so excited for you to join the hundreds of people already benefiting from my new online offering...

learn sleep postures...

Simple Practice to Fall Asleep Faster

WATCH Informative videos and sleep tips
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The Science of Sleep

Screenshot 2022-04-13 at 15.41.55.png

Your Stress Management Plan

LISTEN TO MY Guided Meditation and Sleep Story

Body Scan Relaxation Audio Meditation

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Rainforest Sleep Story Audio Relaxation


*When you click on the Grokker button above you will be taken to Grokker where you can sign up for a two week free trial.  Cancel within two weeks to avoid being charged. Easy cancel anytime.


All three sleep series by Natasha Kerry will be there for you inside.  


See you inside Grokker!

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