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Sacred Practices for

Insight and Awareness

Springboard your practice to new heights!

A Six-Week Programme with Natasha Kerry


Stay connected to your Yoga journey to unlock your fullest potential and take advantage of the energy of creation!  We will explore practices to unlock the body and mind and to reconnect to your most inspired Self.


You will learn tools to elevate your Yoga practice to new heights, to create purpose + meaning in your life and appreciate every moment!

Yoga is the path to self-realisation - knowing yourself as the awareness in which everything unfolds is freedom.

Yoga Practice

This next programme is all about creating what we have been seeking or dreaming about for a while... if we have been craving to FEEL a certain way, to MOVE in a certain way, to experience life in a certain way... this programme will give you the tools and techniques to CREATE the life you want to live and then to, at the same time, APPRECIATE the moment you are in.

These two opposite forces... the Yang is the energy of transformation and expansion, of creating new experiences... the Yin is the grounding and the ability to rest effortlessly in who we are and where we are in this moment and truly appreciate it... these two take time to develop and balance...

Hi there!

Welcome to the next opportunity to practice Yoga with me for six weeks online!  

Wow our live programme together was such a journey! If you missed it then there is the option to access to the recordings of the 12 practices from this series ON PATREON.

Our Spring-time six-week programme consisted of the sacred practices of Yin Yoga, Meditation, Yoga Nidra and of course juicy Vinyasa Flow!

Now you can complete it on my patreon members site for just £18 a month!

We will dive deep into Chakra philosophy, Chinese Meridian Line Theory and Taoism and Buddhism, relating these ancient wisdom teachings to everyday life for moments of self-reflection.

We will use this time together over six weeks to springboard your physical and energetic practice to new heights and to forge new pathways between body and mind. 

We will learn the art of creating the experience we are having as well as really appreciating all that we create.  Both are needed to attain balance.

Both of these mind-states require connection, clarity and continued spiritual practice to create new pathways in the brain... And they are the key to really making the most of this short and beautiful life.

An actual pathway is created in nature by feet continuously walking the same path... and the same is true in our brain!  


The more we repeat something, the more it becomes a habit and then it becomes second-nature.  A pathway is created that will last a lifetime!

This is how we create new ways of Being, new ways to approach challenges, new ways of responding to stress, new mental and emotional states!  By walking the path over and over... repetition.  You will find that when this shift occurs inside, this will attract new opportunities towards you!

Our course will dive deep into Yoga Philosophy with a different theme each week.  The path of Yoga is long and our progress, if real, should be slow and steady.  Therefore Yoga is not some quick fix but is actually a process through which we TRANSFORM through continued practice and dedication to the teachings.

The whole body-mind unlocks.

This way we can progressively deepen and build upon what we have learned previously.

Here are all the details:



The sacred practices of


Six-week programme of Yoga sessions with Natasha Kerry

Twelve sessions, Twelve Hours of Yoga (recordings will be made available after each session)

The hour-long group sessions will be uploaded to patreon on:


Tuesdays at 9am: Yin Yoga, Meditation, Meridian Line Theory, Fascia-focussed

Fridays at 9am: Vinyasa Yoga, Core, Pranayama, Strength-focussed

This is to prepare the body in Tuesday's session for Friday Vinyasa and gives you the weekend to recover from your Vinyasa practice.


Explore the practices of Yoga and unlock your potential with a series of Yoga practices with Natasha Kerry.


Level up your Yoga and Meditation practice with consistent help from Natasha throughout a series of twice-weekly sessions over six weeks.


These practices are designed to serve you, support you and springboard you to new heights.


We will explore practices that are so powerful in keeping you in connection to your highest intention, your purpose and your strength throughout lockdown and beyond.


Each hour-long session will build upon the last and consist of Vinyasa Yoga postures such as twists, back bends, forward folds, lateral openings, core-work and we will progress to arm-balances and inversions for beginners/intermediates.

Yin Yoga postures and the Meridian Line Theory will be explored in the Yin sessions and advanced Pranayama exercises (suitable for all).

Natasha will introduce each theme and exercise when the time is right for your body, the plan is to unlock tension easily and safely with intelligent sequencing.


Tuesdays: Yin Yoga, Meditation, Yoga Nidra, Meridian Line Theory, Fascia-focussed

Fridays: Vinyasa Yoga, Core, Pranayama Breathing Exercises, Strength-focussed



Week One: The Root Chakra, The Hips and Legs - We prepare your body and mind for the programme ahead and explore the importance of the Root Chakra and the power of Mula Bandha and energetic locks in directing Pranic energy.  The importance of creating a container/boundary and limiting your experience in one direction in order to grow in another.


Special focusses: Vinyasa Sequencing, Yin Philosophy, the Hips + Legs, Muladhara Chakra + Mula Bandha, The opposing energies of upward and downward energy flow in ancient wisdom teachings, Taoism 

Week Two:  The Core + Creating Poise and Balance - We explore the core and its role in our strength moving through juicy core exercises to allow us to build up to the more advanced postures, with the potential to try out arm balances.  In our restorative session we explore the practice of Yoga Nidra in greater depth.

Special focusses: Balancing Postures, The Core, Attention + Awareness, Reaching beyond your comfort zone, Spleen C'hi, Fascial Lines and their role, Yoga Nidra

Week Three:  A Weight off your Shoulders - We explore unlocking your shoulders and upper spine to free up movement and greater range of motion and well as to free the Breath.  We learn the five main functions of Prana - the Vayus.


Special focusses: Releasing The Shoulders + Upper Spine, The role and properties of Fascia, Pranayama Techniques, The Vayus + Prana teachings

Week Four: Self-Acceptance + Loving Kindness - We will explore Buddhist Mindfulness and Meditation techniques.  Now we have tapped into our inner power and outer strength, we can channel new energy into creating the feeling tone of our life.  The use of Mantra in Meditation and what it creates.


Special focusses: The importance of connecting the Manipura Chakra, Anahata Chakra and Vishuddhi Chakra, Twisting Postures, Back Bends, Seated Meditation, Powerful Mantra

Week Five:  Surrender, Connection + Gratitude - We encourage a deeper connection to yourself in this week by building upon all we have learned to explore more advanced physical postures with the addition of Seated Meditation practices and Pranayama techniques.  We explore the meaning of Ishvara Pranidhana.  By opening our hearts, surrendering to what is and coming from a place of gratitude, we can magnetise new opportunities towards us.


Special focusses: Meditation Practices, Pranayama Techniques, Awareness Techniques + the teaching of Ishvara Pranidhana, Gallbladder and Liver Meridian C'hi

Week Six:  Anja and Beyond - Intuition, Insight and Transcendence - We explore the higher Chakras in the head and a deeper practice of Vinyasa and Yin Yoga and Meditation and tie all we have learned together to move through a more challenging physical practice.

Special focusses: We explore the Third Eye Chakra - Ajna Chakra and Sahasrara Chakra and their power in Meditation and insight, recap on everything you have learned so far to really cement this into your practice.

All classes must be practised in sequence so that the body opens intelligently and safely. (The syllabus may alter in order as Natasha works intuitively with the group and addresses what is coming through that day.)

Head on over to my Patreon members site now to access the video recordings and complete the series!

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