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Spanish Finca Retreat in March 2016

Join Natasha in a luxury villa in Spain for an in-depth study of Yoga


Finca Paradiso

23rd - 30th March 2016


Create space in your life with Yoga and nutritious food.

Prices start at £695 per person. . .


  • Three nutritious meals daily 

  • Yoga Flow, Hatha, Yin Yoga, Meditation and Yoga Nidra

  • Free time everyday for sunbathing, reading, walking, swimming

  • A day off for excursions, beach trips and exploring the area

  • Personal time with Natasha

  • Massage and treatments available on site


To find out more about the Yoga, contact Natasha here:


The Retreat includes:


Stunning location


A gorgeous remote family-owned eco-retreat sitting in 4 acres of fruitful Spanish gardens, La Finca Paradiso enjoys 360 degree views of the surrounding Sierra Cabrera mountains.


Peaceful surroundings


The Finca is a beautifully crafted private villa with bedrooms dotted around the gardens so that it feels like a little village, ingeniously developed and restored to be enjoyed as a wonderfully relaxing yoga retreat destination.


The yoga studio is light, spacious and airy. There is a wonderful swimming pool and the beach is only a 20 minute drive away. 


Beautiful gardens


The gardens of La Finca Paradiso are exceptional in their variety of form and colour and are well worth exploring with hammocks and benches scattered throughout.


All levels welcome


Each guest will have the opportunity to practice at their own level, making this week suitable for students of all levels, abilities and previous injuries.



Nutritionally balanced meals


Fresh seasonal produce is always available for guests whether they pick it themselves or it's used by one of the chefs.  There is a citrus orchard, a tropical fruit orchard and a garden fruit orchard including grapes, peaches, bananas, avocados, guavas and figs to name but a few, as well as an extensive variety of salads, vegetables and herbs.


All meals are vegetarian - however there are fish and meat options at an additional charge.


There are also many young and ancient olive trees, one of which is over a 1000 years old, and they supply the estate with over 70 litres of olive oil per annum.  You can look forward to experiencing the garden's produce during your holiday to this beautiful corner of Spain.


Relaxation time


In between the two daily Yoga classes, the sunny mid-day and afternoon will be a time of relaxation by the pool with a book, on the beach twenty minutes drive away, swimming, sunbathing or exploring the surroundings.


There will be plenty of free time to relax, enjoy the spectacular views, swim, read, snooze, indulge in pampering of therapeutic treatments, and explore the local area.

What to expect:


Ultimately, the purpose of this week is to retreat from your hectic schedule, take some time out and switch off your mind.  


Once the body slows down, it can then start to heal any imbalances; be that an overactive mind or an overstimulated nervous sytem.


Practicing Yoga every day allows you to form a great connection between your mind and body.  


Natasha will encourage you to listen to your body and only do as much as you can.  Resting is always an option.

Massage and treatments available


Relax and unwind with spa treatments and massages.  Treatments will be able to be booked at an extra cost throughout the week.


En-suite accomodation 


The bedrooms are all comfortable, colourful and eclectically decorated which are kept cool with tiled floors and fans.  Almost all rooms have en suite bathrooms for a range of prices. (See below)


It really does feel like you're staying in a friendly, private villa.


Two daily Yoga workshops


There will be two yoga classes each day, morning and early evening, and one evening off so that any one who wishes can spend the day out exploring the area.


Flow Yoga


The morning session will provide an opportunity to develop and hone your Yoga practice and explore active Yoga postures in more depth.  


Natasha teaches intuitively to each group she works with and a unique experience is created within each class.



Yin Yoga


The afternoon Yoga class will include the full range of Yin Yoga postures.  The passive and long held Yin poses induce deep relaxation in the muscles and release tension in the fascia.




Natasha is a big advocate for the healing benefits of meditation and it's power to release deep rooted tension and open up new possibilities.


Natasha will introduce you to ancient Eastern philosophy and why moving towards stillness is so important.


Yoga Sleep


The week will also include Yoga Nidra (Yoga Sleep) to aid complete relaxation and restoration.  In Natasha's Yoga Sleep Method sessions, the layers of tension will melt away completely and you will tap into a state of consciousness between waking and sleep that promotes your body's natural healing powers.

Over the course of the week, you will be introduced to a variety of Yoga styles and practices, so this is especially suited to those who have not have much contact with Yoga yet.


Each class will centre on a different Yogic and Spiritual theme and so will be an in-depth study at the philospohy and methodology behind Yoga.


Suitable for all levels and for those who wish to retreat and relax with a group of like-minded and fun-loving beings and deepen your Yoga practice.


You will return to your daily life feeling mentally refreshed, cleansed and invigorated, ready to take on the world!


Retreat Sample Schedule:


8.00-10.00          Morning Yoga

10.30                   Breakfast

11.00-12.30        Free time

12.30-13.30        Lunch

13.30-17.30        Free time to explore, swim, spa

17.30-19.00        Evening Yoga

19.45                   Dinner


Prices start at £695 per person. . .

To find out more about the retreat terms & conditions, visit the Destination Yoga website HERE.


Email Natasha and Iona to enquire about spaces by clicking the button below:

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