Do you need motivating? Have you lost physical strength and flexibility?  Keen to improve mental clarity?

Create a healthy routine and boost your motivation for the next six weeks with Natasha!

Have you lost your strength or flexibility?  Do you need to recover after illness or injury?  Do your muscles feel tight and achy?  Perhaps mentally you are fearful and anxious about the unknown?  Do you lack motivation or a healthy routine?


Physically, our existential fears can keep us locked in lethargy, aches and even pain.  Fear can keep us feeling unmotivated and sluggish!

There are immense changes happening right now but HOW we relate to the change can actually be CHANGED.


Change has a huge effect on our nervous system.  Our relationship to change determines our ability to find freedom, to touch happiness and to develop our capacity to experience peace, whatever we may be going through.

This online six week programme is here to reconnect you to your strongest, most flexible and motivated self again by moving through two weekly nourishing practices of Yoga-based physical sessions entitled Movement and Stillness.


You will learn tools and techniques to reduce fear and relax more, to face change courageously and experience peace and to explore the stillness that exists beyond your thoughts.

We will explore shifting the nervous system to gain amazing results in the quality of your mood and mind state.

We will move the body in our Movement classes and rebalance the nervous system in our Stillness classes!

Over this six week course we will establish healthy routines to motivate you!

It's easy to feel like you are drifting aimlessly at the moment as the world goes through a big shift!

MOVEMENT + STILLNESS are the key to traversing this tricky terrain and bringing joy to the spirit and quietude to the mind.

When you are feeling ungrounded or weak physically, Natasha's movement and stillness classes are the perfect remedy - they also boost mental clarity and motivation.

Over this six week programme we will open and stretch your body and clarify your mind, slowly and progressively!  Great for all levels!

If you are keen to heal and rebalance your inner systems and enliven your subtle energy to create a radiance that glows from the inside out then this is for you!

Through the physical practices together you will have a retreat experience in the comfort of your own home - at a time suitable for you as class recordings are included!

Nourish your body, tone and strengthen in our MOVEMENT classes...

Float away to a different and dreamy place and let time stop in our STILLNESS classes...

Through this style of class we can alter how we feel and take on the challenges of life in a more grounded and positive manner!  Accessible to all!

Join me for my next online programme full to the brim of insight and wisdom and the full range of delicious stretches and postures...


Cultivate clarity and motivation with...



A six-week programme of physical live online training with Natasha Kerry

Twelve sessions, 12 hours of movement and stillness (recordings will be made available after each session)

Enrolment Investment: £108

*Donations are welcome on top of this sign up fee if you are able to.

I understand times are challenging and therefore have priced this training much lower than the usual rate. I appreciate everyone's situation is different so please donate a higher amount towards the training fee if you can.

**Amount is non-refundable once the course begins.

The programme training sessions run from Monday 12th September until Thursday 20th October but each session is recorded and you can complete it in your own time.

If you sign up after the start date we will send you the video recordings you have missed so far - late-comers welcome!

Recordings will be accessible for two months after the course.

The hour-long weekly group sessions will consist of:


Mindful Movement, Core work, Pranayama, Strength + Flexibility, Standing Postures, Sun Salutations, Vinyasa Flow

These classes tone and open the body and clarify the mind, boosting motivation and a fresh outlook


Yin Yoga, Meditation, Meridian Line Theory, Fascia-focussed, Flexibility-focussed

These classes reduce fear response and positively shift the nervous system aiding better sleep

Each hour-long physical training session will build upon the last and consist of releasing movements such as twists, back bends, forward folds, lateral openings, core-work and we will progress to more complex positions over time but still suitable for beginners/intermediates as the course progresses.


Pranayama Breathing exercises to reinvigorate the system will be explored and you will be introduced to different types of Meditation and relaxations from Natasha's Yoga Sleep Method along the way.

It is a complete journey and each session has a different theme!

Natasha will introduce each theme and exercise when the time is right for your body, the plan is to unlock all of your tight areas slowly and safely with intelligent sequencing.  Suitable for tight bodies!

 The training schedule runs from Monday 12th September until Thursday 20th October.  Beginners welcome too!

The hour-long online group sessions will run on Zoom:



Mondays at 18.30 - 19:30


Thursdays at 18:30 - 19:30

Natasha will explore the Chakra System from Yoga philosophy and move through the Yoga philosophy systematically as well as infuse your sessions with Chinese Meridian Line Theory, making the insights accessible to daily life.

Week One:  Grounding the Nervous System - We prepare your body and mind for the programme ahead and explore the foundation of Yoga and improve balance and movement as well as Yin Yoga Principles.


Special focusses: Balance + Stability, Mindful movement, Yin Philosophy, Kidney + Bladder C'hi, Hamstrings, The Muladhara Chakra, The Nervous System

Week Two:  Create Space + Fluidity - We explore unlocking your spine and unwind back tension to free up movement and create more range of motion for your entire body, we explore Fascia and its role in creating flexibility and power.


Special focusses: Twisting Postures, Back Care, Lunges, Stomach + Spleen C'hi and Digestion, Reducing anxiety and inflammation, Swadhisthana Chakra

Week Three:  Motivate + Strengthen - We explore the core and its role in our personal power, move through juicy core exercises to allow us to build up to the more advanced postures, with the potential to try out fun arm balances.  We explore the lateral line of the body.

Special focusses: Lateral Body, Yin Yumminess, Core Work, Creating Motivation, Manipura Chakra, Liver + Gallbladder C'hi, Body Scan Practices

Week Four:  Love + Abundance - Now we have tapped into our inner power and outer strength, we can channel our new motivation into our passions and learn to listen to the pull of our heart and feel more abundant in all areas of life.  We will learn to safely back bend and open the hips.


Special focusses: Anahata Chakra, Back Bending safely, Hip Openers, Yoga Nidra Relaxation, Heart + Small Intestine C'hi

Week Five:  Meditation + Pratyahara - We encourage a deep connection to yourself in this week by building upon all we have learned to explore more advanced postures with the addition of Meditation practice and advanced Pranayama techniques.  Suitable for all but a little more complex.


Special focusses: Respiration, Meditation Practices, Pranayama Breathwork, Connection to Nature, Pratyahara practice, Lung + Large Intestine C'hi

Week Six:  Clarity + Focus - We explore a deeper practice of movement and flow, Yin Yoga and Meditation and tie all we have learned together to move through a more challenging physical practice.  You will be ready for it by then, don't worry!

Special focusses: A recap on everything you have learned to cement this in your practice, a sequence that you can practice beyond this course.

The sessions will be recorded so you can access the recording of my teachings at a later date if you miss the class but we highly recommend you try to make the live event.

All classes must be practised in sequence so that the body opens intelligently and safely.

All live classes require you to turn your camera on (if possible) and audio off.  Nothing will be asked of you apart from your focus and attention.  You may also choose to watch the session recording at a later date.

Once you have booked your space using the link below, drop us an email at and we will add you to the attendee list.


We will send the Zoom conference link details and what you need to bring to your online class nearer to the start of the course.

Super excited to welcome you all on this new course for beginners as well as accustomed Yoga practitioners.  Great for those who want to train at home!