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The healing benefits of essential oils

I am so excited to start sharing my essential oil journey with you...

Join my NEW mail list specifically if you are interested in deepening your knowledge of essential oils and how you can integrate them into everyday life for more vitality, energy, health and wellbeing.  This is a different mail list to the Yoga one.  Here, I will share my story and how I healed my thyroid issue with essential oils...

If you are keen to use the highest quality oils for a reduced price then buy a starter kit!

I would highly recommend buying a kit of oils with a diffuser to properly experience "living" with essential oils and using them everyday to treat specific ailments as they arise in your life.  This could be from headaches to digestive issues, blocked sinuses, acne, coughs and colds... and get rid of over-the-counter pharmaceuticals forever!  Sign up above to hear more about the different kits available.

Fresh Lemons
Rosemary Sprig
Herb Plants
Are you a Yoga Teacher or Therapist?

Make sure you sign up above and then get in contact with Natasha about joining the existing essential oil community here in London and sharing this wealth of knowledge with your circle.


Once part of the essential oil community, I can add you to an amazing private Facebook group full of respected Yoga Teachers and Therapists with a wealth of knowledge for you to draw from and learn from...

And I will help you every step of the way.  Opportunity to earn points and commission.

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