Portugal 2019

TIME TO SHINE Teachers Retreat



With Natasha Kerry & Chia Retreats

Join Natasha Kerry and Chia Retreats for a week to restore and immerse yourself in Yoga


Quinta Casal do Condado, Facha, Ponte de Lima

2019 dates to be announced soon!

Prices start at £1095 per person. . .

  • Twice daily Yoga and Yin Yoga with exception of the first/last day and hike day where there is one session.  11 Yoga sessions with Natasha Kerry in total.

  • Guided meditation sessions each morning

  • Catered buffet brunch and dinner service everyday, prepared by the talented in-house chef

  • Lunch supplies available everyday to create your own lunch in the afternoons

  • All drinks provided, including delicious, regional wine at dinner (optional of course)

  • Comfortable en-suite accommodation in a private, beautiful and refurbished manor house

  • Private use of indoor and outdoor swimming pool, tennis court and lake in the private grounds

  • Airport pick up and drop off from Porto airport to venue (1 hour drive)

  • Half-day excursion of guided hike in stunning National Park

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Discover northern Portugal


The retreat takes place in a private gated estate with a manor house that dates back to the 17th century with recent reconstruction bringing you all the comforts of modern contemporary life.


This rural property is set in 16 acres of gorgeous, green and natural scenery.


The house is exclusively for our guests on this retreat.


The property includes comfortable en-suite bedrooms, indoor and outdoor swimming pools, tennis court and a lake.


Recently, a pavillion was built near the swimming-pools and surrounded by gardens to provide an dedicated place for your daily yoga practice.


Beautiful Surroundings 

The house is located in the oldest village of Portugal known for its exclusive production of Vinho Verde wine.


The house is situated 43 miles from Porto airport, 45 miles from the city of Porto, 12 miles to the beach, 3 miles to the village of Ponte de Lima and 35 miles to Parque Nacional Peneda-Geres.

Nutritionally balanced welcome meal

Our chef and team offer a creative and special Mediterranean cuisine using products of the highest quality with local, organic, seasonal fruit and vegetables.


Relaxation time


In between the two daily Yoga and fitness classes, the sunny mid-day and afternoon/evening will be a time of relaxation by the pool with a book, or on the beach, swimming, sunbathing or exploring the surroundings.  We will also have an afternoon off for our excursion to the stunning national park.

There will be time to relax, enjoy the nature around you, swim, read, snooze, indulge in pampering of therapeutic treatments, and explore the local area, making this great for someone who is looking for a "holiday" as well as Yoga study.

What to expect:


Ultimately, the purpose of this week is to retreat from your hectic schedule, take some time out, make new friends, switch off and explore nature.


With the intensive Yoga training, the body can tap back into health and heal any imbalances.  The week will tone, strengthen, increase stamina and challenge the body as well as relax the mind and the nervous system.


Practicing Yoga every day allows you to form a great connection between your mind and body.  


Natasha will encourage you to listen to your body and only do as much as you can.  Resting is always an option.

Daily Yoga classes at a London teaching standard!


There will be a Meditation and Yoga session every morning and a relaxing Yoga class in the afternoon.

All levels welcome

The classes will be tailored to the group and each persons' needs, and Natasha teaches to all levels and abilities.

Yoga Sessions


The morning session will provide an opportunity to develop and hone your Yoga practice and throughout the week we will explore active dynamic sequencing as well as passively-held Yin Yoga postures in more depth.

The afternoon sessions are to wind down and relax the nervous system.  You will be introduced to the profound practices of Yin and Restorative Yoga and Yoga Nidra (Yoga Sleep).


Natasha teaches intuitively to each group she works with and a unique experience is created within each class.

Over the course of the week, you will be introduced to a variety of Yoga techniques and practices, so this is especially suited to those who have not had much contact with Yoga yet.


Each class will centre on a different Yogic theme and so will provide insight into the philosophy and methodology behind the amazing practice of Yoga.


Suitable for all levels and for those who wish to retreat and relax with a group of like-minded and fun-loving beings and deepen your Yoga practice.


You will return to your daily life with many new memories and ready to do it all over again!


Room Rates:


Room in main house - Shared €1140 pp or Single Occupancy €1490 

Apartment - Shared €1190 pp or Single Occupancy €1530  

Own cottage - Shared €1240 pp or Single Occupancy €1590 

Triple room - €1030 pp in cottage shared with two or three others 

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