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Natasha Kerry at Wilderness festival 2018

Join me on Friday at Wilderness Festival to dive deep into Yoga practices to rebalance and create health!

Date: Friday 3rd August

Venue: Cornbury Park, Oxfordshire

Workshop Details


The Yoga Sleep Method workshop experience is potent mix of simple but transformative Yin Yoga postures followed by Natasha’s Yoga Sleep Method, which is based upon the ancient tantric practice of Yoga Nidra.


This workshop will have you floating out of the yurt as Natasha’s teachings create a profound shift in the nervous system.


The Yoga Sleep Method aims to make deep relaxation, profound realisation and yogic sleep accessible to all through the use of visualisation and mental exercises to relax the body and the mind.


Just 20 minutes of deep relaxation is said to be the equivalent of an hour’s sleep.  Making The Yoga Sleep Method workshop the perfect remedy for a festival revive and for those feeling short of sleep!


The good news is that anyone can practice The Yoga Sleep Method – all you need is your body and a place to lie down.


You can also practice The Yoga Sleep Method at home easily!


The tools you will take away from this workshop can be used at anytime during the day to refocus, reconnect and relax…

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