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Have yourself a yogi little christmas

an immersion in the practices of Yoga for rejuvenation, healing and complete relaxation...

Join Natasha Kerry and guests for a Sunday Xmas event!
Natasha will be joined by Carly Grace and TAPPED Birch Water, for a retreat day of Yoga nourishment and refreshment.
This day of release will be an introduction to Natasha’s style of Flow Yoga, Yin Yoga and Yoga Sleep 
and a chance to experience a magical Singing Bowl Sound Bath with Carly Grace.

Date: Sunday 18th December


Flow Yoga and Yoga Sleep 10.00am - 12.30pm

Yin Yoga and Sound Bath 2pm - 5pm

Venue: Triyoga Soho

To book the entire day for £75 or the afternoon Yin and Sound Bath Session for £40, click below:

If you fancy the morning Flow Yoga and The Yoga Sleep Method session, click here:

In the Xmas period it is so easy to get swept away in all the parties and lose connection to health and relaxation.


Stay connected to health and vitality and see in Christmas as your best Self with this immersive day will be a great introduction to Natasha’s unique style of Flow Yoga, Yin Yoga and Yoga Nidra.


Move your body in new ways, release tension within every corner of your body, whilst exploring the deeper side of Yoga and Philosophy. 

A day of deep-working Yang postures, combined with Yin Yoga postures to practice at home or share with your own clients and students to cultivate flexibility and relax the nervous system.

This daylong with Natasha Kerry will feature a magical singing bowl session with her guest Carly Grace and will be sponsored by TAPPED Birch Water (organic birch water with a natural source of anti-oxidising manganese and a delicate yummy flavor).

All levels and abilities welcome on this day of rest and relaxation.

Part 1 - Morning


Flow yoga - backbends + twists followed by The Yoga Sleep Method

The morning Vinyasa practice will be an exploration of the spine’s fullest range of motion in twisting and back bending.

The spine is the home of the Chakra points of the energy body and is the “backbone” or support of our life’s activities. It is integral to happiness and enjoyment to maintain a healthy, fluid spine.

When we move the spine in all directions, we break down rigidity and promote fluidity, which in turn creates a strong and ache-free back. We also learn to soften areas of unconscious “holding” along the spine to allow it’s flexible but strong nature to exist.

Natasha will also introduce you to shoulder, psoas and core exercises which help to build stability and support in deeper back bends and building the spine’s range of motion. 

Expect a deep and delicious Flow Yoga session including long-held stretches and some more advanced postures after intelligently opening the body. The session ends with a guided relaxation from Natasha's Yoga Sleep Method.

Part 2 - Afternoon


Magical Yin Yoga and Carly Grace’s Singing Bowls

Learn the transformative practice of Yin Yoga and explore the power of complete surrender. The practice of Yin promotes flexibility and optimal joint health within the body and cultivates a deep stillness within the mind.

Experience the magic of static long holds in Yin Yoga with the support of bolsters and blocks to get into deep fascial tension. Natasha will explore why it is fundamental to move to the ‘Rest and Digest’ response and how yin yoga facilitates this movement, resulting in a positive shift in the physical, energetic and emotional realm. 

Carly will then introduce you to the singing bowls before you embark on your magical sound journey.

This will be a deeply restorative afternoon with a focus on the importance of relaxation and its effect on the nervous system, endocrine system and the brain.

Bring your Xmas jumper, treat a parent or your best friend. Or give yourself the gift of experiencing the profound combination of a variety of Yoga techniques followed by a magical sound bath.

Natasha speaks to all levels but you can also enquire if this worshop would be suitable for you below...

For more information and to book your space on this workshop call Triyoga on 020 3362 3355 or click HERE
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