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Yoga Around Animals… Feline Flow Practice

I find it so intriguing how Yoga seems to attract animals and they become really curious about what you are doing.

I was teaching a private client on a roof top terrace. Whilst she was in a blissful Shavasana at the end of our session, a few birds came and landed on the chimney above us and watched, cocking their heads to one side and the other. Then one brave, feathered friend landed next to us and walked up to my client’s head to get a better look.

It was beautiful, the natural curiosity that animals have. Maybe it was checking that all was okay with my horizontal client or perhaps it was attracted to the concentrated energy of the practice as my client said after that she dropped into a wonderful space of meditation on her third eye at that exact point in her shavasana and was aware of the bird next to her head.

It reminds me of a time in India when I was doing a Headstand at sunrise on the beautiful beach at Gokarna. As I was held in a state of upside-down balance and poise, a cow came over to my mat and nudged me with his head, thus knocking me sideways and promptly out of my headstand. I think the cow felt he was lending a helping hand to get me upright again, perhaps he thought I had become stuck upside-down on my head?! I don’t know… Or maybe he knew exactly what he was doing and saw an opportunity for a practical joke!

Either way I loved it, it made me smile all day.

So with a love of practicing Yoga around animals, I practice around mine and Russell's cats whenever I can.

Check out this video to see my self-practice around a playful kitten.

Natasha xx

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