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The Oblivion

“A feeling of unity. Oblivion. Mindlessness in the best sense of the word.”

~ The Time Travellers Wife

The joy you feel as a kid playing with your favourite toy, your first time-stopping kiss, surfing your first wave, your first scuba dive, the moment you meet “the one” for you in that space and time…

We all have moments in our life that absorb us completely and captivate our attention like nothing else. These moments are magical and we look forward to the next one with the same anticipation of a child opening a present on Christmas Day.

Once the present is unwrapped and the moment passes, we actively seek out the next one…

In our whole life-span, we are consciously or unconsciously drawn to activities that might help us into this mind-state of mindlessness… travelling, drinking, dancing, intimacy, sky diving, surfing, bungee jumping, running, trekking, partying…

So much activity… activity to switch the mind off… to distract us from ourselves… our fears and our doubts.

Sure, if we make the external world louder, faster, more sexy, more extreme… then maybe it will drown out the noise of our thoughts just long enough to have a moment of mindlessness.

How funny it is that we can lay down a plain mat on a plain floor, sit in stillness with eyes closed and, with a bit of practice, arrive at the same place. Mindlessness.

The beauty is that this stillness is always available to us… it’s right there the moment we feel ready to explore it.

It’s available to each and every one of us. It is accessible and achievable.

The infinite oblivion…

It’s there for the taking, patiently waiting, but it doesn’t mind if you don’t choose to explore it at this time…

Like a faithful friend, it will be there when you are ready to close your eyes and be still.

Natasha xx

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